International pilot course to become a Junior Expert in Circular Economy has been launched

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The circularity approach is one of the most important levers for increasing resource efficiency and reducing CO2 intensity. The sensitivity of the markets and political regulations for more environmental protection and the rethinking of supply chains are causing a high demand for expert knowledge on circular economy.

The pilot course for "Junior Experts in Circular Economy“ has the goal of introducing junior experts to the economy in order to start or further develop circular concepts. The course is aimed to secondary school graduates between the ages of 18 to 25 who will be prepared for the circular economy in a practical way.

The course is financed by the innovation network EIT Raw Materials and is accredited according to the Italian IFTS. The course is organised by ART-ER (IT), Centoform(IT), myclimate (CH), University of Oulu (FI) and TalTech (EE).

What is the "Junior Expert in Circular Economy" course?

The course trains young technicians in sustainability and cycleability of industrial processes. Participants of this course are people with technical and transversal skills that can be employed in different professional contexts: in SMEs or large companies in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics, automotive, household appliances, food industry, ceramics, etc., which are characterized by energy-intensive and polluting production processes; or in consulting firms for sustainability and the cycle of industrial processes, which offer specialized services for companies that want to make their production systems more efficient and sustainable.

For this purpose we are looking for corporate partners who can contribute their experience and needs and help to shape the course objectives. In addition, partners offer participants the opportunity to apply the course content on a project-related basis through a two-month internship. During their internship, each student will develop an individual project for the company on the topics of the course, which will be evaluated during the final examination. Thanks to the international character of the course, the trained junior experts will also be able to operate in multicultural contexts and work with international partners and customers.

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What can a "Junior Expert" do in a company?

The Junior Expert in Circular Economy will take on the role of a moderator for process innovations related to environmental services. He or she will be able to:
  • Manage a company's quality system and quality control of products and processes.
  • Assess the impact of business performance on the ecosystem and guide the implementation and promotion of environmental protection, energy conservation and occupational health and safety strategies.
  • Describe the potential and possibilities of the circular economy that contribute to sustainable development.
  • Evaluate the contribution to the optimization of processes, products and services with regard to their recyclability.
  • Evaluate industrial processes and products in terms of their life cycle to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Apply project management tools in projects and interventions that increase the sustainability of industrial processes.
  • Interact within a working group and adopt communication modalities to ease the achievement of a common goal.
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